Nick Borg started in Thoroughbred racing in 1991 with The Racing Times. Nick soon moved to the Daily Racing Form where for twelve years he was a Quality Assurance Analyst for charts and past performance lines. During this time Nick wrote four books on Thoroughbred handicapping. Nick has also contributed his expertise to the Handicapping Central page of the Daily Racing Form. Since 1995 Nick has written the popular “Angle of the Month” column for American Turf Monthly. You may also remember Nick from his “Angle of the Week” column for Las Vegas Sports News and his contributions to the book A Difference of Opinion (1998).

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A note from Nick

“In handicapping I have one basic belief and that is to be successful in this game you need an edge. Whether it is early speed, closing kick, class or current condition, wherever an edge exists it must be realized and taken advantage of if one is going to be a successful handicapper. Through my published works I hope to enlighten and inspire you so that you can identify edges when you handicap and cash more ticket.”


Off the Charts (2003)

Teaches how to successfully chart races by adding invaluable race information to a day’s races as well as focuses on pace evaluation interpreted through horses’ running lines. Other topics discussed and dissected are Key Races, Track-Bias, Post-Position as well as several new performance angles and racing principles. Available from DRF Press.

WIN-GENERATE 2000 (1999)

Mechanical based method designed to provide a quick and easy approach to getting your racing action, creating a return for your money and making a profit. Uses Beyer-type numbers and principles, a consistency rating, several performance angles, conditioning angles and a class angle which are all meshed together to maintain a 39% win percentage over the course of one year.

Hidden Par Method (1998)

Method based on handicapping using a par number. Explains the concept of a par number and illustrates how this particular formula was created and is best used.

A Difference of Opinion (1998)

Contributing Writer
Contributed one chapter based on pace analysis and how to understand the concept.

Ultimate Pace Handicapping (1995)

Book based on pace handicapping includes a time tested pace formula along with performance angles as well as trainer angles. Also covers various topics such as The Bounce Theory, trainer’s intent, turn-times, pace scenario, workouts and wagering strategies. 


American Turf Monthly
“Angle of the Month” columnist (1995-present)

Las Vegas Sports News
“Angle of the Week” Columnist 1996-1998