Post-Race Thoughts of The Belmont Stakes – 6/20/20

Tiz the Law turned in a giant race as most expected. He settled in an early stalking position, about 2-lengths off the early lead and when called on at about the ¾’s point he unleashed a strong rally to get to the front entering the stretch and opened up an easy lead as he pulled away to victory. We regarded the ability of Tiz very highly since his 2nd career start in The Champagne Mile as a 2-year-old where he showed brilliance at an incredibly early stage. The Kentucky Derby is in about 75 days from this point, but I am not sure what direction Tiz will be pointed in since there are several big stake races for 3- year-olds before The Kentucky Derby in September, namely The Travers on August 8th. Further, for a trainer it’s not an easy task trying to keep a 3-year-old sharp over a great length of time without racing, as we have just witnessed through this running of The Belmont Stakes. However, with trainer Barclay Tagg to guide Tiz the Law, I am sure he will figure out the best plan of action for his colt.

 Dr Post turned in a big effort as we had expected and highlighted through our discussion in my race analysis. Settling in 6th running position early, off the lead by about 6-lengths he was patiently handled and made a nice move into contention into the stretch, moving into 2nd position, but could not gain on the leader and eventual winner at that point. Overall Dr Post ran a very big race, taking a giant step forward off just 3 career starts. It will be interesting to see if he awaits the Kentucky Derby in September,  which is about 75 days away or perhaps goes in another direction since there will be several major 3-year-old stake races prior to September. At this point Dr Post is full of potential and just a few lengths off the best 3-year-old in the country.

Max Player was well back early and made a nice late run to get up for 3rd, finishing about 5 ½ lengths behind the winner and 1 ½ lengths behind the 2nd place finisher. In my Belmont analysis I discussed that I thought Max was missing a race, coming to the Belmont not having a race since February, being about 138 days without a race. To this point he had 3 career starts, 2 wins, 1 second, and I do not understand why his trainer could not find a race for him prior to his Belmont effort. I realize the Corona Virus had shut racing down for the most part however there were racing circuits still operating. Yes, Max worked sensationally heading into the Belmont, obviously his trainer’s intent of substituting the longer, deeper, intense workouts in place of a race was her plan. For an older horse, sure, it’s worked forever, but for a 3-year-old with only 3 career starts, tough choice. With a young, inexperienced horse for the most part works cannot take the place of inactivity, as in a race. Max is certainly a horse with a lot of potential and a bright future and can certainly move forward off this solid effort.

Pneumatic ran a strong race, finishing 4th from the widest 10-post   broke well from the gate and settled in midpack, but wide. He was only a few lengths off the lead for most of the race until the turn into the stretch where he kind of weakened. Given the fact he had only 3-career starts coming into this race one would have to assess that Pneumatic gave a big effort. Now with only 4 career races under his belt, he figures to have the potential to be making some noise down the road.

Tap it to Win was the main early speed among this field and breaking from the rail his task was already laid out which was for him to get to the front and go as far as he can. His pace was quick no doubt, and he held the lead just past the ¾’s point before weakening and getting passed by the eventual winner entering the stretch. Certainly, a good effort by Tap and it looks like he is turning into a quality early speed router, which will make him a formidable rival in many big stake races to come.

Sole Volante turned in a clunker for the first time in his career. In my Belmont Stakes analysis, I discussed the questionable training tactics of trainer Pat Biancone headed into this race because his horse Sole Volante was given a race/sharpener just 10 days prior to his Belmont Stakes effort. In the old days, this maneuver was quite common and successful. However, with a 3-year old and having just 6 career races, I had questioned why he would change tactics on a successful, talented horse with tons of potential heading into such a big race. Solo had not raced in 93 days going into this sharpener which normally wouldn’t happen and of course I understand that the entire worlds schedule was thrown off due to the Corona Virus. However, couldn’t Biancone find a race for this horse somewhere back in time, say a month ago back in Florida where Sole was stationed for many months? If so, he could have given his horse ample time to race and recover just as he always had done with Sole, instead of racing so close to the big prize with truly little recovery time. Sadly, Sole Volante turned in his worst effort of his career in the Belmont Stakes. I know it has been an exceedingly difficult time in America. In fact, the entire world has been knocked off course due to the Corona Virus. I just wish Biancone would have chosen another route of training for Sole Volante.  Clearly this horse was not at his best on Belmont Day.


Wagering Hits on Belmont Day

Race 7 Exacta Box returned $50 for a $1 wager

(My Sassy Sarah-Speightstown-Light in the Sky)

 Race 10 Exacta Box returned $9.80 for a $1 wager

(Tiz the Law – Dr Post- Pneumatic)

 Race 8- Late Pick-3 returned $13.90 for a $1wager

(Gamine-Oleksandra-Tiz the Law)

Race 7- Late Pick-4 returned $140 for a $1 wager

(Speightstowngirl-Gamine-Oleksandra-Tix the Law)