Irad Ortiz at Aqueduct

When I have the time I like to look at the jockey stats in detail for a given meet. Sometimes they can offer some excellent insight as to which jockey might have an edge in a given race. So far at Aqueduct, Irad Ortiz is dominating the field based on the stats through November 13..He has 15 wins in 47 starts, a 32% win rate, and he is in the money 66% on the time.

If those rates continue, you can expect to win money betting his horse to win roughly 1 in 3 races. In looking further into the stats, there are other insights to clean. On the Main track, he has won 9 times in 19 starts, an almost 50% win rate or 1 in 2. That is quite a jump. On Turf he has 6 wins in 28 starts which is only a 22% win rate. I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind when I do my handicapping and weighting his horse chance’s of winning higher on the dirt than on the turf.