Horses Ready to Fire

This is an active list of horses that are ready to fire big efforts in their next starts.

Danzigwiththestars – Turned in a big effort in 2nd career start. This race was also off a 52 day gap which makes me think is the reason why he came up a bit short. Figures to move forward off this race in a big way.

Durkin’s Call – Has shown improvement within his last few races and finished very well against the grain of a speed favoring surface on 10-17 to gain the place spot. Figures to be in top form right now and should give a great effort next time out.

Eye of a Soldier – Ran a big race on 9/18 as he finished well against the grain of an extremely slow pace which makes it hard to rally against. Should run a big race next time out.

Il Primo Sole – Turned in a solid effort on 10-8 coming off a layoff since May and definitely needed a race as he looked to be a short horse. Will have a much improved effort next time out and will fit nicely into the Exacta at a square price!

Laccario (Ger) turned in a big effort first race in the US on 10/3 as he was well back entering the stretch but rallied as he was full of run and finished 2nd. The winner was able to get away to a soft lead under slow early splits. Feeling here is that Laccario is going to make some noise this fall in the US! Tab for an improved effort next time out.

My Sassy Sarah – Entered in a minor stake race on 10-17 and just walked out of the starting gate, spotting the field 10-lengths. Was well meant this day figuring to turn in a big effort however never had a chance with the poor break. Tab for next time out and at a price.

My Tommy Lee – Made his debut on 10/3 and turned in a solid race as he was within striking distance throughout. Feel he was a little green and this effort will do well to move him forward for his next start. Improvement expected for his next start.

Quian B C – came in off a freshening on 10/8 and turned in a solid effort among a tough bunch. Made a strong move to contention into the stretch but weakened late. Thinking he needed this effort under him coming in off a freshening and will run a bigger race next time out.



Speaker’s Corner – 10-11-20 Finished 1st- $6.20

Jimmy P – 10-4-20 Finished 6th

Harris Bay – 9-20-22 Finished 1st – $3.80

Engrave – 9-19-20 Finished 3rd

Scarlet Sky – 9-18-20 Finished 2nd

Tackle – 9-5-20 Finished 3rd

Harris Bay – 8-30-20 Finished 2nd

Single Verse – 8-12-20 Finished 1st – $6.20

Cryptographer – 8-8-20- Finished 1st – $6.40

Fed Funds – 7-30-20- Finished 1st – $18.20

Honorable Hero – 7-30-20 Finished 9th

Standup – 7-25-20 Finished 3rd

Sassy Sarah – 7-19-20 Finished 1st – $5.90

Light in the Sky – 7-19-20 Finished 2nd

Vorticity – 3-7-20 Finished 2nd

Shamrocked – 2/29/20 – Finished 4th

Playright – 1-31-20 – Finished 1st – $5.40

So Sublime – 1-31-20 – Finished 6th

Figure It Out – 1-19-20 – Finished 2nd

Daddy D T – 1-18-20 – Finished 4th

What a Catch – 12-14-19 – Finished 1st – $23.20

They Shot Sunny – 12-7-19-Finished 7th

Misiricordia – 11-24-19- Finished 8th

Gracetown – 11-24-19 – Finished 3rd

Brimstone – 11-23-19 – Finished 1st $18.80

Citizen Matzo – 10-23-19 – Finished 1st $7.70

Bluegrass Parkway – 10-23-19 – Finished 3rd

Collum Road- 10-18-19 – Finished 5th

Carthon – 10-13-19 – Finished 6th

Zalia – 10-13-19 – Finished 2nd

Talent Scout – 10-14-19 – Finished 3rd