Work Notes for October 2018 – Top Works Leading up to Breeders’ Cup Weekend


Catholic Boy just galloped at Churchill on 10/28,  looked very good, wasn’t allowed to do more

Golden Mischief - looked super impressive working at Churchill on 10/28 getting 4 furlongs in :47.17 – 5 furlongs in :59.89 and getting last 1/4 in :22.43 which was the best work of the week at Churchill!

Imperial Hint – worked at Churchill on 10/28 and looked very good as he was hard held while getting 4 furlongs in :48.33 and wasn’t allowed to do more


Mr. Money - worked over a rainy Churchill surface but not labelled sloppy yet on 10/26 and went in :36.08 – :59.81 – 1:12.64 – 1:25.96 in a really great work with an excellent gallop out!

Whitmore - worked over a rainy surface at Churchill not labelled sloppy yet on 10/26, went in fractions of :22.40 – :46.22 – out in 1:00.57 was an excellent work to get some speed in those legs!


Bulletin – worked at Palm Beach Downs on 10/25 with a workmate and was hard held getting 4 furlongs in :48.65 as he was fighting hard to get loose during most of the work, eased down a little nearing the wire and had a nice gallop out but looked like he was breathing fire as he wanted to do a lot more!


Improbable – worked on 10/22 at Santa Anita getting 5 furlongs in :59.80 and was allowed to open up nearing wire in which he flew past a rival and finished his gallop out very well. Very good work!

Marley’s Freedom - worked at Santa Anita on 10/22 getting 6 furlongs in 1:12 .40 in a very spirited moved, was allowed to run past the wire and finished very strong with an excellent gallop out leaving his rival in the dust.


 McKinzie – worked on 10/21 at Santa Anita and looked very good getting 6 furlongs in 1:11.20 and did it quite easily. Worked with a rival, Dabster, and when Dabster got on even terms at the wire, McKinzie would not let Dabster go by, he opened up a little more, pulling harder on the reigns. Very good work and gallop out for McKinzie.

Midnight Bisou – Worked at Churchill on 10/21 getting splits of 24.11 – 35.97 – 59.73 – 1:12.98 – 1:27.13 in an excellent work along with a great gallop out!

Tight Ten – worked at Churchill on 10/21 5 furlongs in :59.55 and looked incredible, motoring along, very strong gallop out too!

West Coast – added another strong move on 10/21 at Santa Anita getting 6 furlongs in 1:11.80 in a nice easy breeze as he was working behind a rival and was let loose nearing the wire and West Coast ran his rival down, beating him to the wire, followed with a spirited gallop out and looked really good in doing so. He is bringing his best race with his for sure!

Yoshida – Looked very impressive working 3 lengths behind a rival and catching him at the wire before galloping out at Churchill downs on 10/21. Looked ready for a top effort!


City of Light – worked on 10/20 at Santa Anita going 5 furlongs in :59 and did it under wraps, eased up into the gallop out. Very impressive work!


Bellavais - worked on 10/19 at Belmont getting 4 furlongs in :48.33 and turned in an excellent work while under a strong hold.  Very good gallop out as well, wanted to do more, looks ready to fire a huge effort.

Pavel – worked n 10/19 at Santa Anita getting 6 furlongs in 1:13.20 and did it with ease, rolling along and his gallop out was also very good. Looks to be headed into the Classic in a very sharp state of conditioning!


Catapult - worked at Santa Anita on 10/16 going 6 furlongs in 1:14.20 breezing, going very easily, looked very good, had a nice gallop out as well, wanted to do more but wasn’t allowed.


Catholic Boy - worked very well at Belmont on 10/14 going an easy 5 furlongs in 1:01 .66 over heavy going which doesn’t show a lot unless you saw the work. His gallop out was even better, allowed to cut loose for about a furlong, the Boy got in gear and was rumbling along, looked very good!

West Coast – worked at Santa Anita on 10/14 at 5 furlongs in :59.40 and looked very impressive as he was being restrained. Was allowed to pass by some other horses/outriders during his stretch run and did it quite easily. Very good work.

Accelerate - worked 4 furlongs in :48.80 at Santa Anita on 10/14 in an excellent looking move as he appeared to be just jogging, going very easily. Had a very nice gallop out as well.

McKinzie worked 6 furlongs in 1:12 at Santa Anita on 10/14 and looked very good in doing so. Was under a snug hold early on and had a very good gallop out. Coming along nicely!


Bellavais – worked 5 furlongs on 10/10 at Belmont in 1:00.02 and was pretty impressive getting around the track in fine order and looked very strong galloping out in stride to the turn. He is certainly improving!


Chasing Yesterday – worked very well under a snug hold on 10/9 getting 4 furlongs in :47.80 at Santa Anita. Very spirited work as he was pulling, trying to get free, turned his head turning for home, acting greenly, had great gallop out but still fighting to do more.

Desert Stone - worked 5 furlongs in 1:01 at Santa Anita on 10/9 as he was breezing, being restrained and looked very good galloping along. Great easy strides, very calm, relaxed, basically a turf horse but looked sensational here on dirt, very good gallop out as he was still breezing. Very impressive!


Marley’s Freedom – turned in an excellent work on 10/8 at Santa Anita going 6 furlongs in 1:10.80 on his own, without urging and continued his gallop out extremely well. Marley had fire in his eyes!


Mentality- worked right back on turf at Belmont getting 5 furlongs in 1:0p3 .23 as he was very hard held by a standing up rider that clearly did not want this horse to do much of anything. Jogged wide around the dogs and eased the reins through the stretch but was pulled up not allowing a gallop out. Clearly this horse was fighting to run.


How About Zero – worked an easy 1:02 at Santa Anita under strong restraint as he outworked a Graded Stakes winner (Gleyber) and was in 3rd gear in doing so. Visually impressive to say the least!

The Caretaker – put in a very useful work at Belmont going in :48.87 and was allowed to do a little more nearing the wire but was still under a snug hold galloping out. Very good work going forward.


Time For Suzzie - worked 4 furlongs in :47.40 over Santa Anita and looked very good. She was well held and still wouldn’t let a work mate pass her. Very good gallop out. Sitting on a big effort!

Mentality - worked 5 furlongs at Belmont on turf around the dogs in :59 .33 and did it well in hand. Wanted to do more but was under good restraint. Definitely improving right now.


Ransom The Moon worked with Gained Ground at Santa Anita who had about 5 lengths head start and at the wire Ransom easily passed Gained Ground  while under restraint in about :48 seconds. The gallop out was also spirited and impressive. Ransom The Moon Looks to be ready to fire a huge effort!

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